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Birthday Bash Guest: Sorcha Mowbray with a Giveaway

Birthdays and older and being old and even though it isn’t my birthday yet I feel like I’m 100 and so tired and oh my gosh BIRTHDAY AND ALL THE STUFFS. Right? Right. On that note >.>, we have Sorcha Mowbray visiting today! I’m also leaving this as all I say because she even included the question and everything. Yay!

Birthday – the anniversary of the day on which a person was born or the anniversary of something starting or being founded.

It is interesting to look at the cultural norms and customs that are associated with birthdays. The expectations and rituals vary across countries, families, and companies/entities. There are rituals that come with every birthday and some that only come on specific birthdays. Mental Floss had an article about it that included things like “antiquing” the birthday boy/girl in Jamaica, or essentially dousing them in flour in an organized fashion or by ambush. Some Canadians grease the birthday boy’s/girl’s nose with butter, again another ambush moment. In Mexico a child gets a candy filled piñata, and in Vietnam they do not acknowledge the day of your birth. Instead, everyone turns a year older on the New Year known as tet–not sure how I’d feel about that one. LOL! Continue reading

Sorcha Mowbray and the Parrot Shifter Dare

I present you with our second brave author, Sorcha Mowbray, taking up the awesome ALBTALBS dare. Enjoy!

Hi there. So Limecello threw a dare out into the twittersphere and for some reason—maybe I was drinking?—I took her up on it. As a result below you have a completely ridiculous M/F/M Cougar/Parrot/Vampire romance below. It’s 950 words of OMGWTFBBQ! (I hope, anyway.) Continue reading