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Special GA&AG Author [Monthly] Contest

Hello my lovelies! So, as no surprise to any of you, I’m behind on this one. My eye is already twitching thinking about all the stuffs so I hope you’re willing to forgive me. Because for February and March there are gift cards up for grabs!

This is what you must do – write the crazy-ass (craziest ass?) stalkertastic WTF “fan” letter to the author of the month. And send it to CrazyFanLetter (at) gmail (dot) com. Only, you know, without the spaces, and using the correct characters.

Send it with the subject “[Insert Month] ALBTALBS Fan Letter Contest.”

If you don’t, I fully reserve the right to disqualify your entry.

I’m taking entries for February and March through March 31 (11.59 EDT), since I’m a little behind this time. I expect in the future it’ll close the 25th giving me, and the panel of judges, enough time to read entries and find a winner.

So – February entries should all be about Jennifer Haymore. March, all about Carolyn Jewel.

If you want examples, you can find them here. They’re pretty great.

Feel free to ask any and all questions here, so everyone can see and use this as a reference point. As well as, you know, the introductory post.