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Author Spotlight: S.A. Price

Hi Everyone! So we’ve got another AAD spotlight today, as you see! Which is just rubbing salt into the wound since I’m not going. 😛 But I’m a good little girl who thought she might be going and signed up to be a blogger so I’m doing all the spotlights. Right?! Cookies! Also, because S.A. Price is… Stella and her sister, Audra! And did you know Stella is the bigwig and creator of the Authors After Dark Conference? That’s right! We’ve got the head honcho visiting with us today!
She’s also sneaky (as was Carolyn Jewel), because she asked me for topics on her post. I sent her a bunch… and she turned it into an interview! I was had! 😉

1. What tips do you have for attending a conference? (Either real, or spoof/joke ones): For AAD? Be yourself is the first and foremost. AAD is about interaction, so make yourself available to readers and authors alike. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Talk to everyone, cuz you never know who your next favorite author or new BFF will be. Go to the meals—you paid for them, and you’re going to get tons of goodies at them. Make sure you mingle—so much goes on that’s not scheduled that if you don’t you will miss something.

2. What made you decide to do AAD? I got tired of paying through the ass to attend “reader” events… and being limited with the book signings and the amount of exposure I could get for the money I paid. I decided to make a fair event, one where, even though we have to limit the amount of participating authors, they all get the same promotional opportunities and perks. I wanted to meet readers, not more authors looking to meet readers. When 2 out of every 3 people at a con is an author, it defeats the purpose. So I decided to do it right.

3. What’s your favorite thing about writing? Being able to share my ideas and world with someone else. Imagination is often a lonely pastime, but when you write it down it becomes something tangible, and therefore, shareable. I like that.

4. What is the most interesting thing you’ve ever learned while conducting research for a book? (Or done? Do you do “hands on” research?) Me? Hmmm… A lot of what I write comes from past experiences, where I didn’t think I was doing research, just living my life. You see a lot of that in our next novel which will be out next year.

5. What is your favorite movie and/or television show? Movie? Top 5: Labyrith, Legend, Fall, Mirror Mask and Aliens. TV show? Without a doubt it’s the Venture Brothers.

6. What, if any, are your hobbies? Collecting things, gardening, etc. I do steampunk crafts, costume design, and I snowboard in the winter.

7. Do you enjoy cooking? What’s the best/worst thing you’ve ever ate, or made? I’m a pretty damn decent cook. I’m marrying a man that isn’t that foodie adventurous, but he’s learning. My favorite food is sushi and the worst thing on the face of the planet? Avocado— the texture of that is HORRIBLE!!!!

8. If you were to write a Mary Sue book – what would the heroine/your career and life be [like]? *Blink* ooh lets not get into Mary Sue shall we, LOL.

9. Do you like reality TV? If yes, which show would you most like to be on? If you don’t like it – which would you pick as the lesser evil? Ugh reality TV is killing television as we know it. SO many amazing shows have been cancelled in favor of  the white trash drivel, I just cant watch it. Now, the lesser evil? My Fair Wedding. I love wedding shows. That kinda Reality TV is ok, because its not a bunch of people making fools of themselves.

So have any of you read anything by S.A. Price before? Have you been to AAD, or are considering it? Do you have any questions for Stella? (Or questions in general? You know they’re always welcome here!)