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Hi Friends!

Just wanted to let you know – things have been crazy. And mostly crazy in a not so great way. I wanted to apologize for the sporadic postings. A lot has been going on, and then internet, and being ill, and then burn out. You might be surprised at how much diva attitude there is behind the scenes. And how quickly that makes you not want to do a damn thing.

I am trying though. And hope to back date and post a lot of reviews when I get back. There are supposed to be Thursday and Saturday posts, but I am not sure how the formatting went. (Maybe I’ll get access and be able to confirm, but I’m going to be without any sort of personal computer for a week.)

Next – for previous prizes; I recently noticed there were a lot of emails that got buried – so please know that from the ~February on? I’m going to double check. My apologies – that’s on me.

It’s 3:20 AM and I need to be up in 2 hours. … What up with you?

[Obviously being up SO late with such little prospective of sleep makes me really bitchy.]

Hopefully the rest of this week will be more of a recharge. And winners will be posted when I have computer access again as well.

And for your entertainment, remember to check the tags. We haven’t done this in a while.

Test Post!

I know there have been a lot of questions about subscribing, and I finally figure out some plug ins… so I think I’ve figured a work around.

The RSS should work – but it might be something you’re unfamiliar with. The registering to the site doesn’t seem to work, unfortunately…

But now with each post there’s a little box you can check to be “notified of future posts.”

If you’ve already subscribed – I’ll “transfer you over” – so no worries on that front. Thank you all for your patience! And for your trouble… check out some of the tags. 😉