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Secret Revealed! Special New ALBTALBS Series

Hi everyone! Well, I’m doing this all bass ackwards, but you know, that’s how we’re rolling in ALBTALBS world these days. Just you watch, in another day I’m going to be guilted into emailing the March winners too, so … Panic time.

Anyway. This is one of the super secret projects I’ve been working on. In fact, I hope it’s one of the things that keeps ALBTALBS special. 🙂 I’m thinking I need to create a page for it.

But you all remember the infamous Parrot Shifter series of stories we had here right?

Well one day I saw @Dumblydore and others having a conversation on twitter. And it was about bad covers. Well, you all know I am all about being the judgeybear ;). Jen said she had an ongoing project. Cover Remix. It’s amazing. (And I can proudly take the credit for some of the plotting of certain covers!)

I said – you know what? Someone has to write stories from those covers! Are you ok with that? And Jen was all “yes! We must make this happen!” And so we did.

The first one is a contribution from Silver James, who is writing hers as a serial.

We’ve got a bunch more scheduled – and we tried to keep it secret until now. Each story, and author contribution I hope will be a fun and entertaining surprise. And the awesome, wonderful, very talented Jen is doing more covers as we speak. Whee!