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Guess What Just Turned One?

This blog! Crazy how quickly that happened right?

I’ve actually been blogging continuously for a decade now. >.> Maybe. If I’m old enough. (Kidding.) I joined LJ back when you still needed an invite to be part of it. (Don’t bother looking – this citrus fruit has had a number of name changes even since joining the online romance community in ~’05.) I started this blog, however, for various reasons. The desire to strike out on my own. Also because of various reasons that are truly unimportant in the grand scheme of things and simply whiny or gossipy.

If I could, I’d give someone the prize of a soda stream – aka the current love of my life. Unfortunately that’s crazy out of my budget. (You guys need to click more buy links on my blog! ;)) Uh… so I’m in a weird mood and maybe should not be typing this up right now. Ah well.

I’ve been playing around with what to give away… if anything. I mean… I thought about this one “infinity” pearl necklace I bought a while ago. (I’ve never worn it!) Or something from MyHabit. Or… that I should just buy me something and post a picture of it, with “Happy Blogiversary to me, Bitches!” Heh.

I thought about doing a run through on how many of what type of posts I did. I had way more than 12 author guests. I want to say I had at least 12 reader guests as well. I know I had 3 readers post their very first ever blog post here! Which I think is super cool. A bunch of exclusive excerpts and giveaways… and a painfully low number of reviews. Also… a drop off of images used. Too much fear with copyright or whatever or crazycakes. And time – lack of that one. (*Who knows. I might update this post at some point in the future to reflect the stats. … Don’t hold your breath though.)

Speaking of – anyone interested in writing reviews here? Nothing really to offer you other than you sharing your love of books with others. If so, please use the contact form to send me a sample – follow the “template”/format of the few reviews that have been posted here.

Anyway, I foresee much of the same. I’m still determined to feed Shannon Stacey and her family… and I’d like to write more reviews this year. Although with that, post a “Grading Scale” somewhere. (I think we’re “stricter” here than other places. No grade inflation in this Tart and Sweet world!)

So what’d you think of this year? Any positives from my little blog? Anything I should change? Is there any chance I can tempt you lurkers to come out and comment? I’d love to know who you all are!

And… what you’d like to win, actually. A guest spot? A feature? Books? A GC? Radio silence from yours truly? Let me know – I wanna try to make it happen!