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Eleven Years. It’s 2022 And We’re Alive

Hi friends.

… It’s been a lot. A lot a lot. And January 6th, at least stateside, as of last year, will forever be a terrible and shameful day. I don’t care about your politics – storming the US Capitol is unacceptable. (TBH though … >.> I can’t imagine a rightwing person reads ALBTALBS but 🤷🏻‍♀️.)

Anyway, thanks for sticking with us. It’s what – 11 years now? Whew.

Hopefully we’ll have more book content and I’ll have my brain or at least “the doing of stuff” back more.

Shout out to the amazing review crew – who have been sending things and I’m just terrible about posting them. My apologies.

I miss you all! I don’t know if you noticed the radio silence from this tiny corner of the interwebs … but we’re still here! <3

Looking for Readers! I want YOU!!!

… >.> To review. I’ve never done a throwback post but – hee. Time for that always yes? Also I put a lot of work into the below.

What am I looking for as a starting point for a reviewer? I listed a number of “sources” for you to look into. Here: the reviews I’ve posted on this site are a great indication. I also actually have a general format – more guidelines than hard rules, but mostly I do NOT want plot summaries or book reports. That’s what the blurb – and you know, actually reading the book is for.

If you’re interested, contact me. We’ll talk and hope it’s a good fit. Got questions? I’d love to hear from you. If you’re not interested – do you have a friend who might be? Share the love!

Thanks – and let’s do this!!! 😀

ETA: Guest reviewers welcome! <3 [Seriously, I have enough ARCs and requests to drown me. And you. And you too in the back. Let’s make EVERYONE happy! More reading! More reviews! More love!] 😉

SHHM is Smithsonian Hispanic Heritage Month

Hello darlings! The plan this year was to celebrate all the Smithsonian Heritage Months. We’re still in the process – and who knows, there might be a repeat. But! I just wanted to let you know what “SHHM” stands for because you’ll be seeing it in front of all the posts from September 15 – October 15. Which, actually, is when Hispanic Heritage “Month” is. (I don’t get it either.) Anyway … Yay Hispanic Heritage Month!!!

I also wanted to let you know that I’m basically coming out of a 4+ month hiatus, so fingers crossed things will finally look up and stop being so crazy!

Thanks so much for sticking with me – I miss you all! <3

Help! I Need Somebod[ies]!

Hello friends!

First of all, a call for reviewers! That’s my first “Help!” Do you love reading? Possibly talking about books? Did you know if you’re willing to do the latter you can get more of the former, through free books? Well, free in that you don’t pay for them. Possibly not “free” in that you then have to read it and review it. (Spoken from a reviewer’s perspective here…) I never wanted this to be solely a review site. Mostly because I knew there was no chance in hell I could manage that. But I also didn’t want it to be entirely a promotional site. So I’m trying to achieve balance.

If you’d like to be a reviewer, contact me. Note, I’m mean and picky, so I want thought out reviews. None of this “slap on the book blurb and a plot summary.” What do I mean by reviews? Well, the ones posted on this site are a great indication. Or the sole one I’ve written for Heroes & Heartbreakers on Carolyn Jewel’s Not Wicked Enough. Or the ones I wrote for TGTBTU (um that also leads you to opinion pieces…) so there you go. I’d think that’s sufficient.

If you already write reviews but your current style is different from mine… don’t link me to what you have – send me a sample and we’ll discuss. I’m not saying you 100% must conform to what I do. But I will say I know what I don’t want.

Secondly… dudes. I need dudes. Specific dudes. Special dudes. What am I getting at? Men. Who read romance. Or guys. Whatever. They don’t necessarily have to be adults. (Although I don’t know if I can feature an underage kid on my blog who reads erotic romances. That’s so… *shudder* skeevy and urpy.) You see? I thought about it.

Anyway, I’ve been playing with the idea for a while. And then I saw Shiloh Walker had Myke Cole do a guest post. (Sound familiar? Mr. Cole is guesting here today and hosting a giveaway! How generous!) And I know there are a few male reviewers floating around – at least recently-ish I’ve seen links to DA and SBTB.

I’m not seeking out male reviewers – no. But I want more… reader posts from guys who read romance! It’s like… the romance reading unicorn, right? (I think I just really like saying the word unicorn. Also much more fun in theory than practice, unicorns…) Other than in this case.

I think it’d be really interesting, and a good fresh perspective. And I like doing things that are new and creative. Like when I started Teaser Tuesdays last year – I knew there was the meme going around, but mine was different, with sharing excerpts. At least, I thought I was original insofar as the google searches I ran and convinced my friends to run for me as well since my google-fu sucks.

My point is – I want guys who read romance to share their thoughts. On everything. Their reading tastes – likes and dislikes. Books or authors they enjoy. Or avoid. How they feel about the marketing and/or covers. I’d especially love to find guys who read romance like every other book. I mean – not the odd romance once every 10 years. Someone who reads romance rather regularly. (See where the unicorn part is coming into play?)

Based on my rudimentary research it seems more likely for an author who is male to also read romances, than someone who isn’t an author. Both are interesting – I just want the posts to be written with the “reader hat” on.

I’ve also lost my train of thought which is kind of a good thing because I wax on the O.D.* side of things generally.

In summary.

Trying to find:

A:  Reviewers. Join me!

B: Guys who read romance novels – Contact me (please!)

Are you a male who reads romance? Do you know any males who read romances? Please either have them contact me, or get in contact with me!

And you know how to contact me? I made it super easy. There’s a tab at the top of my blog! WHEE – I’m excited about this!

*I’m not writing it out cuz it’s gross. But if you really have a burning desire to know, ask and I’ll tell.