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Random Guest: Leslie Dicken!

Look everyone! Two posts in one day! (What? Shut up! That other one totally counts!) … You can tell when I’m writing this, can’t you >.> Anyway, we have the lovely Leslie Dicken guesting with us! Not only is she awesome, she’s especially awesome because she’s my not, but almost, birthday twin! Cuz we’ve already established it’s all about me. Which is why you always want me to shut up and get you to the part where the author actually starts talking. :

Every author has a theme. They don’t always know it or purposely write about it, but when you look at their body of work you will find a consistent theme. It could be redemption or revenge or love conquers all. Many authors will write their books to show off this theme on purpose. Others, like me, just write the story in their head without realizing that their theme will emerge.

EVERY story I’ve written can have this drawn from it: what is the character’s identity? where do they really belong?

In my novella erotica Taboo, my characters are from opposing cultures (think “West Side Story” or “Romeo and Juliet”).  My hero and heroine each start to question their culture and how they identify with all that they’ve learned and known.

In The Price of Discovery, my hero is from another planet. He comes to earth only to bring back a vital resources to save his ailing people. However, his beliefs are shaken by a woman he meets. She will challenge him to let go of his identity and long-held beliefs.

Both main characters in A Tarnished Heart question where they really belong. The heroine is a vicar’s daughter and does not think she is right for high London society. She is constantly trying to go back home to her small village. The hero feels his must do everything he can to keep his place in society, but perhaps it isn’t worth it all in the end.

The hero in Beauty Tempts the Beast has focused his identity on being a “monster.” He keeps himself isolated and won’t let himself get close to anyone. But when the heroine comes into his life, she forces him to reexamine his life and break free of that self-imposed prison.

In my upcoming release, The Iron Heart, (Ed* which is actually out now! Whee – and congratulations on another release!)  my heroine has already decided she didn’t belong in the world she was born into and moved to live with her uncle. However, the hero continually questions his identity and the person he thinks he is.

Think about authors you’ve read. What themes do they have showing up in their stories over and over again? If you were to write, what would be your theme?

Leslie is very kindly giving one lucky commenter a copy of The Iron Heart!