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Guest: Eden Connor

Hey kids (please don’t be offended – I call everyone “kids” – including my parents)! We’ve got Eden Connor visiting with us today! She’s a new to me author, so this is fun. 🙂 Eden emailed me a while back to be a guest, and I immediately found a date for her, because you all know how I like meeting new people and hearing about books! So you know the drill, a warm welcome and please share your thoughts!

Thank you for the opportunity to drop by and share some background about my new contemporary erotic romance series, Those Devilish De Marco Men. These love stories are set in a southern town so small that when people ask, “How’s your mama and them?” they already know the answer. Down south, if by chance you meet a stranger, they’ll ask, “Are you any relation to…” and they’ll keep going until they figure out how you’re connected. These stories are tinted with laughter and pain, big trucks, blue collars, and enduring love, set around the De Marco family’s neglected peach farm and the garage where they currently make their living.

Any small town in Dixie is a place where the past can seem more important than the present, clinging to your shoes as tenaciously as the red clay. We’ll sweep you off your feet with our saucer-sized magnolias, cool good manners, and honeysuckle-scented moonlight, but never forget passions here run deep.

While this town’s eligible ladies may lust after three brothers with the dark good looks of their Italian forefathers, it’s well known Daniel, Eric, and Colton each have commitment issues regarding the fairer sex. Some local belles might fear they’ve inherited whatever hard-hearted trait of their father’s drove their mother Cammie to run away, only to be followed later by their sister Sarah. Yet once these hardworking men begin to tumble into love like tall, dark dominoes, you can bet the burning question asked all over town is, “Why did he pick her, of all people?”

What could lead Colton, the youngest brother, to fall for Lila, who’s more than a decade older? Some might say the quietest of the three fell for the widow because he was seeking a replacement for his mother and needed someone to help raise his nephew Jonah. Before Lila can return his love, she’s going to have to slay some demons of her own and back off more than one town gossip in Soft Sounds of Pleasure.

I’m a southern gal, born and bred, living my entire adult life in such a town. We like our tea sweet and our men well-mannered and hard-working. Nothing here is more sacred than family, meaning I had to answer the question raised in Colton’s story, why Cammie De Marco would walk away from Rafe, a husband everyone knows loved her more’n life itself, not to mention abandoning her four little children.

The answer became the trellis upon which Wildly Inappropriate, the second story in the series, was built. The unconventional love between his parents and the influence of his domineering father makes Dan the kind of caveman you can’t wait to see brought to his knees by love. This straight-laced chip off the old block will have to withstand his share of scorn when he falls for Cynda. In a place where interracial relationships are still looked at askance and black women are known for being strong, what’s the bigger scandal, the fact that Dan’s in love with a black woman, or that Cynda secretly needs to be spanked, for both foreplay and discipline?

Rafael De Marco’s descent into the bottle is the astringent back story for Incidental Contact, due out early next year. Growing up watching his father pine for their mother has made Eric believe he has to be the first one out the door to keep from being hurt. Without a woman to temper him, Rafe’s harsh reactions to some of his middle son’s shenanigans make Eric secretly fear he’s not worth loving. Because a southern gentleman cannot refuse a lady, Eric has no choice but to take in Amy, a young tomboy who referees all kinds of sports. Amy’s what the town gossips would call ‘pleasantly plump, bless her heart’, whenever they give talking about Lila and Cynda a rest. How does a plain, overweight, tomboyish science teacher land the hottest man in town?

Come fall in love with the De Marco brothers. You won’t even have to shave your legs.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: I use my B.A. in Psychology to write contemporary erotic romances filled with characters you can love, making decisions you can respect. Most of my stories are set where I live, in South Carolina, so expect the handsome stranger to come equipped with a slow southern drawl.
You can find Eden at her Blog, Twitter, or Facebook