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No Clever Title Means Winners Galore

Seriously, lovelies. It’s difficult to come up with infinite different ways of saying “look! It’s a new post announcing winners!” Although, who am I kidding. We all know I gave that up quite some time ago.

But you don’t care right, because it’s all about theĀ winners! Here we go – as usual, winners chosen by randomizer.org … unless otherwise noted.

Sophie Barnes came to visit with us, and shared a lovely post and talked about what she’s passionate about. Her winner is aliquis!

And then Beth Williamson charged in and we did an author interview ALBTALBS style ;D her winner is Monikarw.

Winners please contact me by Saturday, March 17 to claim your prizes. 11:59 EDT is your cut off. (Excuse me a moment while I weep about the daylight savings time…)

If you didn’t win, take heart – there’s still a giveaway by Stacey Kennedy that’s open. And I really hope you’ll stop by and visit with our creepy (fictional!) serial killer guest… and to make you feel better about the world, the Kiva post as well.

And – as always, if you have any questions, let me know. Or if I forgot to choose winners for a post – tell me!