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Open Call for Teaser Tuesday Spots!

One Full Year of Teaser Tuesdays!

Can you guys believe it?! I started my blog the first week of January in 2010, basically. And by February I was like “… I need to do something new – something different – so I thought about it, and went with what I love. Book excerpts. More than anything else, excerpts are what sell books to me.

So then I put out a few twitter calls, and emailed people, and most authors were all “sure I can share an excerpt. Hey I’ll do a giveaway too!”

And I was all “!!!” and so it was bornstarted. (Can’t say that “b” word because we all know how I hate the whole sentient beings vs inanimate objects thing.)

I’m curious though – what do you think about excerpts? Do you look for them before you decide to read or buy a book? Have you ever up and bought a book based on an excerpt you read here?!

I think it’d be >.> very important for you to answer. Of course I also think I should make some sort of clever/adorable graphic. And so I did, y’all!

And… just a little side note – but … what would you guys think if I started taking advertisements from [authors] here? Good thing? Bad? Like or dislike? Would you care or notice?

**ETA: Duh – haha, I thought this was clear but sometimes it is in my head and not to others… if you’d like to participate in a Teaser Tuesday, please contact me. I’d love to have you!

Winners!!! And – Your Call

So – I’ve noticed :X recently for some posts it’s ~2 weeks until the winner is announced. Do you guys care about that? Would you prefer the winners be announced weekly? If you want them weekly, I guess it’d be every … Saturday? So if there are giveaways for each post – Tuesday and Thursday’s winners would be chosen, and Saturday would be carried over to the next week/announcement.

Or… if there’s no preference we’ll carry on as we have. Which is me doing my best and muddling through.

NB: I don’t email winners. It’s everyone’s responsibility to check back to see if s/he has won. [Which might impact answers? Only extenuating circumstances would cause me to email people. Like the winners for the SMSG giveaway.]

First of all … this post. She Whose Name Must Not Be Written. Can y’all believe there are still people who don’t get the point? *shakes head* I just… well. Demerits and all to that bunch. I loved everyone’s comments – on that post and the previous one. (Yeah, it annoys me so much I blogged about it twice.) However, even though I thought everyone’s thoughts were fabulous, there were two stand outs for me. So instead of one, I chose two winners! Avery Flynn’s comment and Pam‘s comment. If you missed them you’ve simply got to read them. Avery and Pam, please contact me and we’ll discuss prizes.

Alexandra Hawkins is our “guest author of the month” as it were – and she very generously offered two winners their choice of her books. These lucky readers are Mary Preston and Maureen.

Leslie Dicken also shared a lovely post with us, complete with giveaway. Her winner is Renee Brown! Renee I believe this is [only] available in electronic format at the moment, so all we need is your email address.

Mari Freeman is one of the “official authors” at AAD (which *sniffs* I’m not going to be at…) and she shared a crazy first date and New Orleans story! Her winner is June M. And if you didn’t see June’s comment… it’s worth a look see, simply for the O_o factor.

Jill Sorenson shared an awesome exclusive excerpt of her upcoming novel with us, and chose a winner for one of her books. Lisa B, if you didn’t see, you’re to contact Jill ([email protected].) to claim your prize.

And! Last but not least! Myke Cole came and shared his thoughts on the romance genre with us. He chose the first three commenters, so Raonaid Luckwelljayceedelorenzo, and Sasha Devlin, congratulations!

Everyone who won something – email me your address and prize please and we’ll get those out to you. [You see how I very kindly linked to each relevant post so you can check what you won if you don’t remember?] If you get a choice of a book, please let me know which one you want. Of course if you won an ebook your address is unnecessary.

And – in case navigation isn’t your strong suit 😉 here’s how to contact me. You have until Saturday, February 25, at 11:59 PM EST to contact me and claim your winnings. Otherwise they’re forfeit. Because I’m mean like that.

:X Sorry – we ended on something of a snarky note, didn’t we? It’s 2 AM here… and just – lots of stupidity has been frustrating me. Real life, world situations, and then just… apparently people. You know how it is!