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Quick Update to say What’s Going On

I’m starting a number of new features at ALBTALBS. 😀 Some will be happening this year, and some next. Originally, when I started this blog, as far as I (and all google searches I and the lovely individuals I roped into doing the same) knew, I was the only person doing the zany author interviews, and the “Teaser Tuesday” feature (being unique to Tuesdays with that name).

I hope you’ll be excited about the new stuff that I’m pretty much going to be surprising you with. 😉

Also, my apologies in advance that you’ll likely experience a deluge of new posts today. But guess what?! ALL THE WINNERS will be announced if possible.

Which comes to this – my internet? Still being a bitch. (Yeah, considering how long it’s been, I’m swearing about it.) I don’t even know everything I’ve done. Numerous techs out, new equiptment ~four times, me buying wires on my own, another coming out today (so you know, as I wrote this the day before still no reliable connection.)

So my apologies.

And I know it was pretty weak, but … today concludes my second “blogiversary” (I can’t even call it a bash.)

Someone who comments on this post though can win a print copy of either Hot and Haunted, Virtue and Vice, or No Greater Pleasure by Megan Hart. Winner’s choice of which book.

Then also, if any of you have ideas of what you’d like to see here, or would like to be a guest, I’d love to have you! Just let me know. Seriously! 😀

Winners, “Update,” & A Flash Giveaway

So… winners. Like, a lot of them. Sorry – the ball got dropped. But uh, at least next time winners are posted I’ll be done with my taxes? Yay?

As usual, winners chosen by randomizer.org. (Unless otherwise noted.)

Sarah Mayberry guested and talked about Keeper Shelves. Her winner is Bella Franco.

When Joey W. Hill was here for her author spotlight, she chose her winner – Leni – who Joey contacted herself. (Yeah, yeah, Joey is all NYT Best Selling author and on top of her game. She’s supposed to be better than me, okay?! :P)

Vivian Arend was also a guest. (Is it just me or do we seem to see her a lot? ;)) claudiagc you’re her winner!

Eliza Gayle visited for an Author Spotlight (for AAD which I’m not going to T_T) – her lucky winner is Moira! Moira, I’m not going to AAD so we can sit at the back of the room and sulk together. … People in the back of the room get cookies, ice cream, and booze.

Louisa Edwards was here and talked about kisses! Or more, she wanted to know about your kisses. That nosy biddy! 😉 (I’m joking. I like Louisa. I think she’s pretty awesome.) Winner, jovialvampyre – enjoy!

Lauren Dane is here as our [ish] “official” author of April! (I need to figure out a way to make this more special…) but anyway, her winner is Cynthia D’Alba! Whee!

And last, but definitely not least, our newest blog staple… Shelli Stevens! (Yes I know normally the Thursday post is left open longer for drawings, but considering the past few weeks and next week I’m gone…) Her winner is Ellie Heller. Yay!

Winners – here’s the drill – email me (using the contact form on the blog) with your relevant information by Saturday, April 14 11:59 PM EDT to claim your prize. Please also include what you’re winning. It’s always listed on the page – if you get a choice of a book, please include that choice. Thank you. [I’m feeling bratty, so depending on my mood, if you don’t “follow instructions” I might ignore your email. You’ve be warned.]

Updates – no winners will be announced next Saturday because I’m going to be away. (Well they might be, but I don’t expect having internet access.) Unfortunately, I will not be at RT. That would make it so much better. No Chi-Town for me though. Alas.

No worries for you though 😉 I have posts lined up and barring something horrible and head splodery, they should all go up. I just won’t be commenting – not as though y’all care. ;X

Now, I know some of you can’t comment. This makes me sad. Like, a lot, really sad. (I’m going to also go with that theory as to why nobody commented on Lori’s ALS fundraising walk. *ahem* Although what matters is donating/support I guess.) It’s a known issue with WordPress. I’ve gone to the forums and asked about it, and I believe a ticket (many of them) have been created. All I can do is apologize for the inconvenience. What you can do I think is make sure you’re (ironically) logged out of any WordPresss name you might have.

If you want to win a book fill out the information here. I’ll use randomizer.org. (It’s a Tudor Romance. No really – the book sounds fascinating! And it has a massive storied jewel!)
I decided not to embed it, but you just have to fill out this form. It’ll be open for 24 hours, and I’ll choose a name – using randomizer.org.

… I hope this doesn’t mean none of you will comment though. If you don’t comment I might cry. And who wants to deal with a crying Lime!? (Yeah. I’m in a really weird mood. Probably has to do with lack of sleep and migraines. And hunger.) Also maybe people who comment and fill out the form get bonus points. Or cookies. I don’t know.

Updates, Changes, Reviewers Needed

You know, the usual.

First of all, I broke up the About and FAQs pages. Well, the FAQs weren’t so much questions people were asking, as an ideally preventative measure. (Still doesn’t particularly work, but hope springs eternal!) You’ll notice in “About” I put a whole “Hi, my name is Limecello” so maybe people will stop writing “Hi there” or “Hi” or “Blank Space” – or… this one amused me (and Liz)… “Hi Liz!”

I mean, I know not everyone will read or see it. But damn am I tempted to just ignore emails where people refuse to address me. I’ve ranted about it a bit on twitter etc- but I mean the people who after I’ve emailed and responded, with signature and all. When it’s obvious the person is just refusing to say “Limecello” – and it’s not some sort of informal no signatures thing. I mean, yeah, I know I can be unreasonable, but even in those circumstances I’m never 100% straight out there.

Erm, anyway.

We’re working on a review “grade” scale too – do you guys have any sort of preference/better connection with units of measure? Letter grades? Number ratings? Stars? I do want to have some sort of scale, because at times you can’t quite articulate how you feel about the book, even with the review, so the grade rounds it out.

And as always… still looking for reviewers. Cuz you know – there are a lot of new books coming out, always!

p.s. Did you guys know I have a calendar up as well, that loosely details who will be visiting the blog? The features, anyway…