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Valentine’s Guests: Bobbi Romans Interviews Carolyn Hector

Hi friends! With time being fluid here in ALBTALBS land, and mixed up dates on my part, I’m glad this all worked out and we’re welcoming the lovely Bobbi Romans who is interviewing her delightful friend Carolyn Hector. I do want to say first – Cocoa Dreams, Carolyn’s newest book just came out this week! Congratulations on your newest release, Carolyn! Anyway, you gotta love a pair who just take care of everything! So without further ado…

Bobbi Romans Interviews Carolyn Hector for Valentine’s Day

Her Mistletoe Bachelor by Carolyn Hector book coverWhoop-Whoop, its Bobbi Romans here interviewing the fabulous Carolyn Hector Hall, AKA my little cuddle buddy, about all kinds of juicy tidbits both Valentines Inspired as well as just nosey darn questions.

Lets jump right in.

Bobbi: Hey cuddle buddy!
Carolyn: I miss you! I can’t wait until we can sleep in the same bed together! And before we start… Happy Birthday weekend to you! 

Bobbi: So for y’all reading this and us for the first time, twice a year (pre-covid) Carolyn, and I, along with some other awesome romance authors got together for a lake house retreat. At these retreats we do get a lot writing done, but we also have fun. One year Carolyn brought us all our own barbies. And let’s just say when we woke up in the morning, someone one (thou shalt not be named) posed the Barbies in some pretty wicked poses. 
Carolyn: What happens at the lake house, stays at the lake house….. or it ends up in a novel or on Facebook.  Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day, Cate Willoughby (From Jillian Stone)

Hi friends! And Happy VDay to you all. 😀 We’ve got author Jillian Stone visiting us today, and she’s a newbie to ALBTALBS so give her a warm welcome! And whee she’s pretty much got it all covered!

An Interview with the mysterious and talented heroine of A Private Duel with Agent Gunn.

One of the best things about being an author is I get to create characters like my newest heroine, Cate Willoughby. Cate was born Catriona de Dovia Willoughby of a Spanish mother and British father.  Drawn to dance from the time she could walk, Cate has become a featured dancer for the Paris Opera ballet––she is also suspected of being a jewel thief as well as a covert operative. When her ballet company arrives in London, a number of interested gentlemen are in the audience, including Agent Gunn.

When I was developing the character of Cate, I knew I wanted her to be an independent and ambitious young woman. By the end of chapter one, it quickly becomes apparent that Cate was also on a mission––an intriguing, irresistible combination for Agent Phineas Gunn, who has more than a passing interest in the lovely dancer. He and Cate had a brief love affair in Barcelona that has haunted him for well over a year.

Cate has graciously greed to let me interview her about how she and Agent Gunn met and what exactly happened to estrange them––and what might have to happen to get them back together again.

Jillian: “I’d love for you to tell the readers something about how you and Agent Gunn first met.”
Cate: “I was in Barcelona visiting my aunt and uncle. One afternoon, as I strolled along the Passeig de Gràcia, a handsome stranger rode up on a magnificent red horse. He stopped to ask directions, and introduced himself as Hugh Curzon. While we talked a child in a runaway pony cart careened down the wide boulevard, and Hugh––or should I say Agent Gunn––chased down the pony cart and rescued the young girl.”

Jillian: “So you first new Finn as Hugh.”
Cate: “Apparently he uses Hugh Curzon on the Continent. But I found that out later––when the dance company played the Alhambra Theatre in London.”

Jillian: “So was it love at first sight?”
Cate: I have to confess, I was attracted.” The prettiest blush colored her cheeks.
“He walked me home and asked me if I would have dinner with him. At first I told him no–– but I met him after dance class.”

Quite suddenly a tall, attractive man joins the interview––and he was every bit as handsome as I wrote him!

Cate: “Finn! Where––when––how did you get here?”
Jillian: “Hello Agent Gunn. My word you are impressive in person.”
Finn: “Hello, love.” He leans over to kiss Cate. “You’ll have to ask Jillian how I got here––she writes every scene I’m in as well as my dialogue.”

Jillian: “And what do I have in mind for you here, Finn?”

He produces a small red leather box with the word Cartier in gold leaf lettering.

Finn: “Happy Valentine’s day, darling.” He winked at me, as Cate opened the small box.

Cate: “Oh, Finn!”

To find out exactly what sort of gem makes Cate’s heart race, be sure to read A Private Duel with Agent Gunn. Here’s a short blurb:

Prima ballerina Catriona de Dovia lives the glamorous life of a starlet, filled with glittering jewels, sumptuous dinners, and admiring suitors. She’s grown up considerably since losing her heart to Hugh Curzon once upon a time, no longer wasting her emotions on the empty promises of charming gentlemen. On her own since the untimely death of her parents, she will do anything for the only family she has left: her brother, a notorious anarchist.

Scotland Yard Agent Phineas Gunn–sometimes known as Hugh Curzon–receives his new assignment reluctantly. He’s up for something a little more strenuous than playing nanny to a ballerina, until he sees who his charge is. Then, it’s a completely different story, because he’d been unable to forget the trusting, beautiful Cate since he had to leave her behind in Barcelona. And he suspects Cate is more than a ballet girl––in fact, she just might be a jewel thief, or even more arousing––a clever undercover operative.

Finn is determined to find out as the two race across the Continent–by land, by sea, even through the air by zephyr–it becomes uncertain who is keeping tabs on whom, and Finn and Cate must battle the sexual tension that snaps and sizzles between them every step of the way.

Click for Excerpt Link and you can buy a copy here.

QUESTION FOR COMMENTERS: What’s your favorite kind of Valentine to receive? A kiss? A card? A dozen red roses? A heart filled with chocolates? Please share!

Bio: Jillian’s first book in The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard series, An Affair with Mr. Kennedy, won the 2010 Golden Heart for Romantic Suspense. Her latest novel, fourth in the series for Pocket Books is A Private Duel with Agent Gunn. She also writes the Phaeton Black, Paranormal Investigator series for Kensington Brava.

Jillian Stone Contact Info: Website  Facebook  Twitter

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