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Happy Birthday The Romance Man

So today is The Romance Man’s birthday. He promised me a post. I don’t have it yet … but he said it’s forthcoming. His excuse was “a work emergency.”

Do we believe him my friends? (Actually I do, and will update/change this when he finally sends it to me.) However, knowing his work schedule has been insane the past ~year, and also how things have been going at ALBTALBS and my “luck” with posts, (and fucking firefox), I had previously come up with a plan.

I’m going to reveal RM’s real name to you throughout the day. (I’d say every hour I’d post a new letter but we all know I’m not that on task.) And to RM … well if I had your damn email I could tell you about my fun little game.

First letter? R

Second letter: S

Third letter: A

Fourth letter: T

Fifth letter: D

Sixth letter: B

Some of the letters repeat. … Any guesses? 😀

Hahahahaha sorry. Yes, the gig is up. The letters are for RAT BASTARD. 😛 I wouldn’t actually disclose someone’s real name unless they were ok with it. (I mean, “look” at me.) Also though I’ve totally called him that “to his face” so it’s ok. He’ll answer to it. *angelface*

I will say though, the name that RM signed on his email was Shaniqua. Soooooo >.> who knows what else there might be that he’s not telling us. [Especially since he tied it to his romanceman email which no longer works… Curiouser and curiouser…]

Where’s the Romance, Man? (paging @TheRomanceMan3)

Hi friends! So, this is supposed to be the start of my “Men Who Read Romance” feature! Fun times! I figure, it’s good to start with an introduction. Also, as usual, the best laid plans are for naught, and this is no exception.

So I wanted to ask you – what would you want to know from a dude who reads romances?
Obviously it’ll be a monthly thing where I lure an unsuspecting maleask a guy who reads romances some questions. It’s just another counterpart to my Reader Posts (where I feature a reader monthly) and learning more about the diverse group of people who enjoy this genre.

Here is what I’m thinking so far.

1. What’s the first romance that you ever read?

2. How did you get started reading romance?

3. Who is your favorite author and what is your favorite romance novel?

4. What would you like to see more of in romances?

5. What is something you hate (or dislike strongly) in romances?

6. Do you browse the romance section at bookstores? If you saw another guy there, would you offer recommendations, or ask for any?

7. How involved are you in the romance community?

I’m playing with the last one. And I’m thinking nine questions (at least?) is good…

What do you think?

Incidentally, RM was supposed to have another guest spot, but I don’t think that’s going to asked him. I emailed him to ask him what was up and he said “FUCKED.” So, you know.

Maybe I should have used that as a post. Just

“Presenting: The Romance Man”

In his own words: Fucked. And left it at that.

Anyway, if you know any guys who read romances, please send them my way. I’d love to chat with them. I even have a contact form. And thanks for people who already have – please do let them know I’m having major internet problems though. I’m about to stab something. Myself even. Ugh. As always, “my posts” have tags indicative of current place in life. Enjoy.