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This [Sad] Week in Review

Well today, we were actually supposed to have a reader guest post from @kaoticbliss on twitter – but I hadn’t heard from her until this morning. It turns out she threw her back out, so, poor thing, no reader post. Did you remember those happen every third Saturday of the month?

Anyway. On Sunday… actually nothing that terrible happened, if I recall correctly. My Brownies lost their game… (The Cleveland Browns, in the battle of Ohio. Not surprising, so that doesn’t count.) Although Sunday did herald the first day of a full week with my parents. If you know anything about that, you’d know that’s enough.

Monday, I broke my toe. It’s not so bad, and I’ve broken a few toes. (No don’t ask.) But it’s still not something fun you know? It was also my first day at “Ghetto School #1” – normally I really like it. I still do, but this year is just so sad. My second class, half the students can’t even spell their names, much less say them. They’re in fourth grade.

Tuesday, this happened.

It’s not my car, so small mercies. And everyone is okay – which is really good. In fact, the airbag didn’t even deploy, and [a] mechanic said normally with this much damage the car is totaled. My car however, was commandeered for the cause.

Wednesday, the Fire Marshall. (Yes everyone is still okay.)

Thursday, I got [even] sicker. Not all that bad, so I consider it a fluke of sorts. I’m also still scared I’ll find out something awful happened that day.

Friday… this.

I don’t want to talk about why that happened. Worse, it was unnecessary. Imagine that square not being there though, and a lot of exposed plumbing. But without a faucet(?) or valve. I missed taking a picture of that though because I took some allergy meds that really knocked me on my ass.

Today, I got really bad news. I’m still sulking about it. I also just got fish gut juice on my hands and feet. At least my Buckeyes play tonight. But… it’s against Miami (of Florida) and considering how they’ve been playing… well I’m worried.

Next week has to be better, right? … Right? I mean… my sinuses can’t constantly be dead and stuff. No more spitting blood at least, yeah? Stupid body.

If you lasted through all this whining? Thank you. You should be rewarded for your perseverance, so I’ll give away three Loveswept ebooks – you’ll get a code from Romance at Random. Tell me how your week went. Or just commiserate with me. I’m not proud.