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So Many Winners. Too Many Winners? ;X

I promised people I’d post this Saturday. We’ll just all have to play pretend. I had every intention to, bu then time got away and then it was after midnight and I’ve been sleep deprived and was up until ~3 anyway and now I just feel a little stabby.

So you know what would make this easy? I win everything!! That’s right, Limecello wins all the things!

😛 I wish.

So, here goes. I’m going to try to do this in order. You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t. As usual, courtesy of randomizer.org…

First, from way back on July 19, Leslie Kelly visited! [So hey – it’s been less than a month. YOU’RE WELCOME. I officially withdraw all sorts of apologies and regrets. :D] Her winners are Ellie Heller, Becky Ward, and Fedora!

Carolyn Jewel shared the entire second chapter of her upcoming book Not Proper Enough which will be one of the best books I read in 2012. Her winners are… Spaz, jeannemiro, and VanillaOrchids – you all are lucky! And… if you don’t like it, I don’t think we can be friends anymore. Just saying. 😉

Julie Anne Long was here with another fun author interview. Her winner is Jud!

We then had Lauren Dane sharing an excerpt of her upcoming duology – on my birthday! Her winner is Tina B!

Now… the Birthday Bash post, which kinda makes me want to cry. I didn’t want to respond to any of the comments, because I knew it’d make drawing names more difficult. Yeah, I’m a brat. :X HOWEVER I do totally appreciate all the comments and birthday wishes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! So I guess your birthday present to me would’ve been being okay with me not responding individually. 😉

This… is going to take a while, so I hope you’re comfortable!

The winner of @mamaboo7907’s giveaway are as follows: Aliquis, you get the $10 Amazon GC! Sandi, you win a $5 Amazon GC, as does Stella_ExLibris!

jeannemiro you lucky girl, you win a copy of Kira Brady’s upcoming [debut] book! sarah christena,you win an e-copy of Erotic Escapades. Brianna (The Book Vixen) you win an e-copy of Intimate Exposure.

Mariann with Belle’s Book Bag you get your choice of Alyssa Day’s current Warriors of Poseidon series. Ellie Heller, you win Keri Ford’s book. Megan you win a copy of The Real Werewives of Vampire County. Fedora you win So I Married a Demon Slayer. Donna Ann you win A Tale of Two Demon Slayers.

Roberta J. Gordon’s winners are: Julie, Amanda Usen, Tammy, CrystalGB, and Erica Coppage.

myrandaroyann you win a prize from Lynne Raye Harris. Moira you win a prize from Kate Hewitt. Jane, you win Sweet Deal.

The additional lucky winners of Not Proper Enough are Liza and Lisa G (@wolphcall). Mary Kirkland you win Addicted to You. JSL you win Bound to You. Mary Preston you win Susan Meier’s prize. Carey Baldwin you win the book from Farrah Rochon. ClaudiaGC and Gail you each win Jennifer Wilck’s book. Cathy M you win the Emma Lang book.

The following seven people get their choice of current Samhain e-books. Liz, Diane Sallansrenpuspita, j9, Diane D, Vicki H, Anne Clark. And the following win Samhain Print books of their choice: Owen Kennedy, Linda Thum, Laurie, Kim, Chelsea B., Rebecca Harper, and Brunette LIbrarian.

Roxanne St. Claire visited with us and answered some questions. Her winner is Cathy Phillips. (And Cathy – hang in there. *big hugs* our thoughts and prayers are with your husband and all of you.) And also… Linda. Whoever emails me first gets her choice. Obviously the second to email gets the other book. That’s fair, right?

The winner from Shelli Steven’s belated 4th of July post is Lynnette.

Last but not least, Samantha Kane was a guest and her winner is Mama Kitty.

Winners, you have until the end of Sunday, July 22nd to contact me. That’s 11:59 PM EDT. If necessary, please include your address. Some of you get your choice of a book. If so, remember to add that. If an ebook, please let me know your format of choice – you might not get it/it might not be available, but if it is, it saves a step. You’ll notice with every winner I’ve linked to the original post, so it’s a very easy click and check for you. Thanks for helping me out!

Also, if it’s been a reasonable period – like a month – and you haven’t gotten your prize yet, feel free to contact me and let me know. And… I can’t believe I have to say this but … if it’s only been a few days – chill okay? Nobody appreciates constant hounding. Least of all me. It makes me angry. And kinda hate you. And isn’t that a lovely note to end this all one?

Well whatever. There were ~54 winners listed in this post. I joked on twitter that I’m never having any more contests. Ever. 😀 [Some people took me seriously. O_o] So what do you guys think? 😉 Moratorium on giveaways?

Anyway – instructions summary.

If you won – include relevant information. Title of what you won. Address if necessary. If e-book, format of choice. Thanks! [For those of you who filled out the address form… if you did it properly, I’ve passed on the info. If not… well, you know the deal.]

Hope everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend!

Oops and Winners

So… I didn’t pick winners last week. I meant to but you know… life happened. I think I really am going to do a twice a month pick because… it’s really too much for me. Sorry guys – think I’m going to adjust the “FAQs/Contests” page to reflect that too. Thanks for understanding!

Although I wonder if anyone checks that… See how subscribing is good and pays off? Also because … today is Sundayaturday :X so you know, it kicks off MY BIRTHDAY WEEK. Did you know that commenting on posts gets you brownie points for winning prizes? Cuz… I figure if I can’t pick favorites on my birthday for winners, when can I?

Speaking of… there’s going to be some zonky stuff with the posts. I believe I’m going to re-post Keishon’s because she all of a sudden messaged me and was like “HOLY SHIT. EMAILING NOW.” And totally scared the crap out of me. So anyway, she sent a new post so … I guess that’s going up. Also, I just saw in the pending comments Carrie left one with links, so that will be added too. Good thing I looked!

Back to the business at hand. Winners. You know the deal – send me your relevant info via the contact form. Please include what is needed AS WELL AS the prize you won. Sorry you’re getting the brunt of it, but I’m sick of people not reading the things I say. When I ask for specifics, it’s important, because I rarely do it. And if I’m in a bad mood, I might just ignore your email. And we don’t want that, do we? [Actually, in the interest of honest disclosure, guilt will make me respond, but it sure as hell won’t be a priority.]

Some lucky reader commented when HelenKay Dimon shared an exclusive excerpt with us. Cathy P! You enjoy romantic suspense, and now you get to try another one!

Meljean Brook came and … well frankly I think it’s one of the best posts I’ve ever had at the blog. Those author interview answers? Yes. What everyone should aspire to! Her lucky lucky winner is… (and since it came up a lot – I do want to note, her books are not comedies. So… please don’t expect something all light hearted and laughter. Please let me know if that’s what you were expecting/want to pass on dark stories then.) … jeannemiro.

Beverley Kendall shared an exclusive excerpt of her newest book, and is giving away two copies! Her winners are Diane P. Diamond and also Barbara E.!

And you know what? The lastest posts… I’m going to leave open. Starting with Leslie Kelly’s. She’s giving away six copies, so come on. We can do better than 16 comments!

I feel like I might be missing some things, so if so, please let me know. As I’ve kinda mentioned – my life is in a bit of upheaval.

So winners –  please email me  and include A) what you won and B) the relevant information. [If print, your address. If electronic and you get a format choice, that. If you get a book choice? please tell me what you chose.]

Thanks! And, I really really really hope there’s a huge turnout for the massive birthday bash on Thursday. Tell your friends! Everyone wins! [… Except me. Somehow this is going down where you guys all get prizes. Maybe I’ll have to reconsider for next year. ;)]

Someone Wanna Volunteer to Pick Winners? ;D

Seriously though – that would be awesome. For winners to be picked, and the post to just magically appear. On time! Although the winner’s post is never at a set time…

Y’all know the drill. I think. Winners contact me here with the relevant prize info. Your address if needed, and what you won. If an ebook and you get the choice of format, that too. So… the relevant info. That makes it a lot easier for everyone, and more importantly, makes it so that you get your prize more quickly!

As usual… I try to post weekly, but it doesn’t always happen. I also announce if/when I know I won’t be able to. Still, I imagine subscribing, or making a note for yourself is the most effective way to guarantee you don’t miss a prize, because I will not email you. I just can’t handle it. Thanks for understanding!

All winners, you have until 11:59 PM EDT on Saturday, June 16 to claim your prize.

First up – Cynthia Eden was here and Heather McKenna wins an awesome prize!

Melissa Schroeder was here and offered prizes! R.E. Butler you get to choose print or e – so please be sure to include that.

Next, Jessica Jarman was here. She has two winners! Renee Brown and mary f! Can’t wait to hear from you.

Then, first in the Guest Author & A Giveaway bunch for special June birthday month?! Day Leclaire answered some questions for us. ;D And her winner is smartmouthtexan.

Stay turned for other winner announcements – and of course there are still giveaways open right now. Whee!

For everyone else – what’s new? How has your weekend been? And plans? Anything exciting to share – or something you’d like to vent about? I wanna hear it!

Winners, A Confession, & A Note

So… let’s start with the confession. You’ll notice I didn’t post winners last week. I knew I was supposed to, and I almost did, but then time got away from me and it was almost midnight and I decided … you know what? I don’t want to. That’s right. I had a mental tantrum. And today, I thought “I control this blog – this blog doesn’t control me!” Which… I guess isn’t fair for the people waiting on it, but you know what? They can check back. All of you lovely people do – and shouldn’t you be rewarded more?! I think so.

On that note … hm. I was going to say if a winner ever doesn’t contact me, feel free to nudge me to re-draw. But how would you know? I guess you could ask in the comments of the winner post if I’ve heard from everyone. That works for me. 😀

And the actual note – which is really an update – I’ll be out of town next weekend. I’m not certain as to internet access, or time and availability, so there probably won’t be a winners post on Saturday. Tell your friends. 😉

I’m actually considering announcing winners bi-monthly now. (That’s twice a month, right? Or is it bi-weekly? I used to be so certain but then all these discussions in college with people made me uncertain and bleh.) Well, playing with the idea of every other Saturday. Although if that happens, how will all of you get your weekly dose of Lime rambling?! How will you ever survive?

I know – STFU, Lime. I’m there. The randomly chosen winners:
(If you aren’t sure if you’re the winner or not, you can click on the name here, which takes you to the actual comment that was chosen. See? I try to take care of everything.)

A few weeks ago, we had author Jennifer Bernard here talking hot firemen, and also unexpected heroes. Double bonus post and all! The lucky winner is barbed1951!

Then, Vivian Arend popped up again! Her winner is Laurie.

Carolyn Crane was here with a hilarious post – which kinda dated me. :X As in *small voice* I didn’t know a lot. Maybe most. I did know the kool-aid one though, because… something someone studied debate whatever… and also almost every cartoon for adults has spoofed it, right? Well, definitely the Simpsons and Family Guy. But the point is – her winner is Jeffe Kennedy!

Lovely author PJ Schnyder guested and shared a recipe. I love étouffée. I also have a lot of guilt attached to it but that’s another story. Mary Preston! You get the prize of yay!

I think that’s everyone. If I missed a post/neglected to choose a winner, someone please let me know. Thanks!

Winners! Please noteemail me with all your relevant information and what your prize is please. It’ll be in the original post. Which I linked to right here for your convenience. See how nice I am to you? Please return the favor! Xoxo

And for everyone else who didn’t win – just like me – did you see the lovely Melissa Schoeder and Cynthia Eden also have guest posts here with giveaways! Go enter! 🙂

Oh – and any opinions? Questions? Things you’d like to ask authors in the crazy Author Interviews? (We’ve got a number coming up.)

I Know. Winners. Finally.

A sleep deprived Lime is a tardy Lime. Something to do with not going to bed until 5, 6, or even 7 AM does that. Especially since the rest of the world refuses to pause, or even accomodate my sleep schedule. Or lack thereof. Which is so very inconsiderate, and yet how the world works. Le sigh.

There are things I want to talk about. Like all the crazy plagiarism stuff going on in Bloglandia. (Prominent YA blogger plagiarized but handled it incredibly badly, dust ups and dramallama galore.) Then more of the same with reviews and backlash and my view is the only view despite me being so very openminded and loving everyone and everything.

I think we’ve made it clear I’m not one of those people who believes that “if you don’t have anything nice to say you shouldn’t say anything at all.” Of course sometimes that fits, but others… no. If there’s something out there that needs to be addressed, even if it’s difficult, or possibly ugly, it needs to be talked about. My little soap box moment.

But I know why you’re all here. You want to know who won what?! And I’m going to tell you. Well, who won. You (if you won) need to tell me what you get. (And huh – I didn’t do too badly… only 9 posts, and I did say nobody/nothing would be going up on the 14th…) I hope y’all made your proper offerings to the randomizer.org gods. 😉

Cat Grant visited and talked about N’awlins. Her winner is caitymack.

Jessa Slade came and shared an awesome post with us about her pets! Really – if you missed it, check it out. Her winner is Carolline!

My rant about my life – ish. And my discussion of RebeccaRemember that? The winner is Portia Da Costa!

Yet another fabulous post from Theresa Romain – complete with chart! – and the use of crazysauce was all sorts of winAretha zhen, you’re the winner!

I have a major soft spot in my heart for my Weddings of Doom post  – well really Laura Hunsaker’s. Randomizer.org chose lucky number one! JenB! You win!

Then we had Stefanie Sloane here, and her winner is… candymorton!

And… friend Ali F guested as a part of her month long birthday bash! Lucky luck Mich, you win!

Cassandra Carr was nice enough to include a giveaway with her Teaser Tuesday excerpt, and Patti Williams, you benefit!

Definitely not least, although last, I finally got Kris Cook here to visit! And the last but not least winner is… JoAnne!

Everyone please email me by 11:59 PM EDT on May 5, at the latest. Please include what you won, and relevant information. (If you won a print book, send your address. If you have a choice of books, please pick on. If in ebook and you have a format preference, state it!)

Cheers and I hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

Winners, “Update,” & A Flash Giveaway

So… winners. Like, a lot of them. Sorry – the ball got dropped. But uh, at least next time winners are posted I’ll be done with my taxes? Yay?

As usual, winners chosen by randomizer.org. (Unless otherwise noted.)

Sarah Mayberry guested and talked about Keeper Shelves. Her winner is Bella Franco.

When Joey W. Hill was here for her author spotlight, she chose her winner – Leni – who Joey contacted herself. (Yeah, yeah, Joey is all NYT Best Selling author and on top of her game. She’s supposed to be better than me, okay?! :P)

Vivian Arend was also a guest. (Is it just me or do we seem to see her a lot? ;)) claudiagc you’re her winner!

Eliza Gayle visited for an Author Spotlight (for AAD which I’m not going to T_T) – her lucky winner is Moira! Moira, I’m not going to AAD so we can sit at the back of the room and sulk together. … People in the back of the room get cookies, ice cream, and booze.

Louisa Edwards was here and talked about kisses! Or more, she wanted to know about your kisses. That nosy biddy! 😉 (I’m joking. I like Louisa. I think she’s pretty awesome.) Winner, jovialvampyre – enjoy!

Lauren Dane is here as our [ish] “official” author of April! (I need to figure out a way to make this more special…) but anyway, her winner is Cynthia D’Alba! Whee!

And last, but definitely not least, our newest blog staple… Shelli Stevens! (Yes I know normally the Thursday post is left open longer for drawings, but considering the past few weeks and next week I’m gone…) Her winner is Ellie Heller. Yay!

Winners – here’s the drill – email me (using the contact form on the blog) with your relevant information by Saturday, April 14 11:59 PM EDT to claim your prize. Please also include what you’re winning. It’s always listed on the page – if you get a choice of a book, please include that choice. Thank you. [I’m feeling bratty, so depending on my mood, if you don’t “follow instructions” I might ignore your email. You’ve be warned.]

Updates – no winners will be announced next Saturday because I’m going to be away. (Well they might be, but I don’t expect having internet access.) Unfortunately, I will not be at RT. That would make it so much better. No Chi-Town for me though. Alas.

No worries for you though 😉 I have posts lined up and barring something horrible and head splodery, they should all go up. I just won’t be commenting – not as though y’all care. ;X

Now, I know some of you can’t comment. This makes me sad. Like, a lot, really sad. (I’m going to also go with that theory as to why nobody commented on Lori’s ALS fundraising walk. *ahem* Although what matters is donating/support I guess.) It’s a known issue with WordPress. I’ve gone to the forums and asked about it, and I believe a ticket (many of them) have been created. All I can do is apologize for the inconvenience. What you can do I think is make sure you’re (ironically) logged out of any WordPresss name you might have.

If you want to win a book fill out the information here. I’ll use randomizer.org. (It’s a Tudor Romance. No really – the book sounds fascinating! And it has a massive storied jewel!)
I decided not to embed it, but you just have to fill out this form. It’ll be open for 24 hours, and I’ll choose a name – using randomizer.org.

… I hope this doesn’t mean none of you will comment though. If you don’t comment I might cry. And who wants to deal with a crying Lime!? (Yeah. I’m in a really weird mood. Probably has to do with lack of sleep and migraines. And hunger.) Also maybe people who comment and fill out the form get bonus points. Or cookies. I don’t know.

Luck O’ The Irish Hop/Giveaway + Winners

So I got this email from Sue Grimshaw of Random House. I’m not huge on blog hops, but I thought “well what the heck – I like St. Patrick’s Day well enough, and green and… stuffs…” So I signed up at the last minute. I’ve never done one with Random House before/like this – so… who knows. I might be doing it wrong. As far as I can tell there’s no schedule. So go with this rafflecopter thing, and Random House will choose three people to win $20 giftcards to Barnes and Noble. Whoo.

My blog is also NOTORIOUS for stripping code, so we’ll hope it works. – “Update” – I spent about half an hour on this and nothing. Rafflecopter’s thing mocked me. And WordPress is a dumb b*tch. So whatever. Just go here and scroll down a bit and you can enter the giveaway. Some of the other blogs may or may not be doing additional giveaways.

No worries though – we’ve got a lot of giveaways coming up here. In fact on Tuesday, Joey W. Hill is guesting, and on Thursday, Vivian Arend!

Stacey Kennedy’s winner is Ali! And Tiffany Clare also offered a prize with her teaser and her winner is eli yanti! Winners you have through Saturday, March 24 to contact me to claim your prize. Please refer to the original post to let me know what you’ve won, then include it with your information. (If you have a choice, please indicate what book you want.) Thanks!

Oh – and honest disclosure, you know how I always use randomizer.org to pick winners? Well when I used it to pick Tiffany Clare’s winner, it chose Ali three times. I figured we should at least have different people the same week, so there you go.

No Clever Title Means Winners Galore

Seriously, lovelies. It’s difficult to come up with infinite different ways of saying “look! It’s a new post announcing winners!” Although, who am I kidding. We all know I gave that up quite some time ago.

But you don’t care right, because it’s all about the winners! Here we go – as usual, winners chosen by randomizer.org … unless otherwise noted.

Sophie Barnes came to visit with us, and shared a lovely post and talked about what she’s passionate about. Her winner is aliquis!

And then Beth Williamson charged in and we did an author interview ALBTALBS style ;D her winner is Monikarw.

Winners please contact me by Saturday, March 17 to claim your prizes. 11:59 EDT is your cut off. (Excuse me a moment while I weep about the daylight savings time…)

If you didn’t win, take heart – there’s still a giveaway by Stacey Kennedy that’s open. And I really hope you’ll stop by and visit with our creepy (fictional!) serial killer guest… and to make you feel better about the world, the Kiva post as well.

And – as always, if you have any questions, let me know. Or if I forgot to choose winners for a post – tell me!


Food for Shannon Stacey and Winners!

You’ll notice that (at present) I’ve given up on feeding Shannon Stacey’s family. I still can’t quite pinpoint what they will/won’t eat… and every so often she posts that they all enjoyed something I thought was “forbidden!” Also, it needs more time and pictures.

I remember though, that Shannon was crushed when she found out caesar dressing normally has anchovies. Fish is on the “no no list.” Although you really don’t (or heavens, shouldn’t taste fish in caesar) – but the knowing can affect things.

So, I’ve found a recipe for basically caesar salad without anchovies! Yay!

It also includes grilled romaine, which is one of my new favorite things. It works in the winter even if you live in one of those cold snowy areas, if you have a grill pan. This is the one I have. I love it.

And now the recipe? Super simple. Basically five ingredients for the dressing – sans salt and pepper. (Which everyone has, right?) I found it at food 52. I’ve been making a lot of their recipes lately, with great success, even adapting them.

Doesn’t it just look delicious? And you know, if you wanted a more substantial meal, you could add in some grilled chicken. Cook the chicken first on the grill/grill pan – and then the lettuce. Extra flavor, pot double duty. I see no drawbacks.

And now, the winners! (I know it’s what you all care about. 😉 And that’s okay!)

First up – BA Tortuga’s great spotlight. The winner is… Pam! You know the drill!

The winner of Not Wicked Enough (I do love that cover!) by the fantastic Carolyn Jewel is Diane D. – please send me your address (via the contact form) to claim your prize.

And remember when Joely Sue Burkhart was so sweet and shared a lengthy excerpt with us? Well she also offered up a prize. Her lucky winner is Jeanne Miro.

Pam, Diane, and Jeanne, you have until the end of Saturday, March 10 to contact me. (Let’s go with EST – 11:59 PM and all.)

And remember – there are still many other giveaways open at the blog and to come! Thanks for sticking around. Xoxo

A Snack for Shannon Stacey… and a Winner

So this isn’t a very detailed “Feeding Shannon Stacey” post, but you know. Can’t win ’em all. There are also no pictures because well, it’s pretty self explanatory, and not that pretty. Tastes great though!

You know how sometimes you just need something sweet? It’s beyond want. I imagine most people have the ingredients too – and if not, they’re easy enough to get.

Take chocolate chips – dark, milk, semi-sweet, whatever you like. And if you want it a tad sweeter (and like a hint of vanilla), add white chocolate chips too. Just measure out 1.5 tablespoons, and put them in a microwave safe bowl. Nuke it for 12 seconds, then mix. (This is key, you don’t want to scorch the chocolate.) If it’s not melted, nuke it again for another 12 seconds. At this point, with this amount of chocolate, it should be done. (If it’s really still solid, nuke it for 9 seconds.) The power on our microwaves varies, of course, but it’s easier to add heat than take it away.

Anyway, you now have a lovely bowl of melted chocolate. To make it more decadent – add in 1 T of peanut butter. Whatever type you like most. Mix well. (Conveniently, you can use the same tablespoon measure, because solid chocolate wouldn’t have left any residue.) If you want to be really fancy I think a pinch of cinnamon would be really good too.

Now? Well I ate my mix with a banana. But I suppose apples, strawberries (though that might be weird what with the peanut butter), or whatever fruit you like.

If you’re on weight watchers or anything the points should be easy enough to figure out. It’s filling, delicious, fulfills whatever sweet tooth cravings you might have, and is better than eating a candy bar, or other junk food.

Incidentally – the method can be used to melt chocolate for so many other things. Mousse, for making candy, coating cake balls, and so on.

Now the winners.

Smartmouthtexan gets a lovely copy of How to Dance with a Duke  from when Manda Collins came and discussed book covers with us. (Please email me your address via the contact form.) And as for. B.A. Totuga’s giveaway of a $25 GC, and Carolyn Jewel’s offering of Not Wicked Enough? I’ll leave those open until next week. 🙂