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Winners!!! And – Your Call

So – I’ve noticed :X recently for some posts it’s ~2 weeks until the winner is announced. Do you guys care about that? Would you prefer the winners be announced weekly? If you want them weekly, I guess it’d be every … Saturday? So if there are giveaways for each post – Tuesday and Thursday’s winners would be chosen, and Saturday would be carried over to the next week/announcement.

Or… if there’s no preference we’ll carry on as we have. Which is me doing my best and muddling through.

NB: I don’t email winners. It’s everyone’s responsibility to check back to see if s/he has won. [Which might impact answers? Only extenuating circumstances would cause me to email people. Like the winners for the SMSG giveaway.]

First of all … this post. She Whose Name Must Not Be Written. Can y’all believe there are still people who don’t get the point? *shakes head* I just… well. Demerits and all to that bunch. I loved everyone’s comments – on that post and the previous one. (Yeah, it annoys me so much I blogged about it twice.) However, even though I thought everyone’s thoughts were fabulous, there were two stand outs for me. So instead of one, I chose two winners! Avery Flynn’s comment and Pam‘s comment. If you missed them you’ve simply got to read them. Avery and Pam, please contact me and we’ll discuss prizes.

Alexandra Hawkins is our “guest author of the month” as it were – and she very generously offered two winners their choice of her books. These lucky readers are Mary Preston and Maureen.

Leslie Dicken also shared a lovely post with us, complete with giveaway. Her winner is Renee Brown! Renee I believe this is [only] available in electronic format at the moment, so all we need is your email address.

Mari Freeman is one of the “official authors” at AAD (which *sniffs* I’m not going to be at…) and she shared a crazy first date and New Orleans story! Her winner is June M. And if you didn’t see June’s comment… it’s worth a look see, simply for the O_o factor.

Jill Sorenson shared an awesome exclusive excerpt of her upcoming novel with us, and chose a winner for one of her books. Lisa B, if you didn’t see, you’re to contact Jill ([email protected].) to claim your prize.

And! Last but not least! Myke Cole came and shared his thoughts on the romance genre with us. He chose the first three commenters, so Raonaid Luckwelljayceedelorenzo, and Sasha Devlin, congratulations!

Everyone who won something – email me your address and prize please and we’ll get those out to you. [You see how I very kindly linked to each relevant post so you can check what you won if you don’t remember?] If you get a choice of a book, please let me know which one you want. Of course if you won an ebook your address is unnecessary.

And – in case navigation isn’t your strong suit 😉 here’s how to contact me. You have until Saturday, February 25, at 11:59 PM EST to contact me and claim your winnings. Otherwise they’re forfeit. Because I’m mean like that.

:X Sorry – we ended on something of a snarky note, didn’t we? It’s 2 AM here… and just – lots of stupidity has been frustrating me. Real life, world situations, and then just… apparently people. You know how it is!

Winners & A Flash Giveaway

Okay – so let’s start from the beginning. Winners, you have until February 14 – yes, Valentine’s Day! – to contact me at [email protected] to claim your prize(s). Unless otherwise specified.

So here we go again – time to see if your prayers and offerings to the randomizer.org gods have worked! (If not, perhaps you should stop that and start trying to bribe me. Let’s see if I can be bought. Could be fun!)

I was just… well, me. (I was going to say crazy, or stupid, foolish, or sleep deprived… but you know, all/none of the above?) And messed up a winner (Mary actually said she doesn’t read ebooks…)- so re-drawing one… Jen B. you get a prize from Michelle Beattie.

Next up, the lucky winners of Jennifer Haymore’s post! I’m super jealous of you guys! The winner of Confessions of an Improper Bride is Shannon-Nicole and the winners of Secrets of an Accidental Duchess are Mary Kirkland and librarypat! Ladies please send me your addresses!

Remember when Mia Marlowe came to guest and y’all went gaga over dudes in kilts and all? 😉 Well her winners are Diane Sallans and Maria D. – again remember to send me your address please so the book can go out to you!

I really enjoyed Ruthie Knox’s post about what she’s done on a bike. This also reminds me I need to go and comment. :X You should too, if you haven’t! Her winner was lucky number one – in terms of comments for that post, so JoAnne Weiss -as only your email address is needed, I’ve passed that on. 🙂

And last but not least for our winners…  Dee Tenorio shared crazy stuff she’s done. Kinda makes me glad we live so far apart. 😉 She went through and the craziest of the crazies? (kidding!) Dee’s Winner: Liz.

Hunh – it seems lately that she who comments first… wins. O_o it’s 4:10 AM, okay? So I can’t handle being clever. The whole early bird takes the worm is a) gross, I hate worms, and I’d say 4 AM is g-d early but I’m not getting any of the good metaphorical worms so WTF, sayings people?!

On that belligerent note, let’s have a flash giveaway! (Also I’m vaguely ashamed of myself. I knew “belligerent” is a derivative of the Latin word for war, but “bellum” slipped my mind until I looked it up. Because it was bothering me. Because I’m not getting enough sleep, okay?!)

Erm – so the flash giveaway. This ends in 24 hours. (Roughly. Maybe something like 20, so we’ll all just have to deal.) IDEALLY someone will win a signed copy of one of Michelle Willingham’s back list books.

How do you enter? Tell me something awesome in the comments. Something funny. Something of note. Something to amuse me. Just make it awesome. I’ll post a winner in the comments in somewhere between 20 and 24 hours… or like midnight Friday. Whatever. (We covered the me not thinking, yes?) And said person will have one day to get back to me. Or forever hold his/her peace!

Let me know if there are questions. I kinda expect there will be some. I perhaps even hope so, because I’m going to be worried for all of us if this made sense. :X

I Just Stepped On a Book

and bent the cover. >.< Nope, not a euphemism. In fact other than coming to my computer that was basically the last thing I did and that’s how my day has gone. Sick and headachy, I finally feel human, glue myself to the TV after eating something, and watch Bones and Burn Notice. So a good day other than the majority of it. 😛 My first few hours were spent tweeting and being horrified at world news and all.

Recipes will have to wait for Saturday.

But poor battered book. You see why I don’t do print books anymore? No space, no room, and I become a book abuser. 🙁 What about you? I think most of you read print and e? Do I have that wrong? In fact – tell me please, I’d like to know. Also, anyone else willing to share shameful secrets/confessions of book accidents? One of my friends freely admits to breaking the spines of books. I call her a book murderer. But don’t worry – I won’t judge any of you. I just like messing with her.

And why you’re all here 😉 the winner of Joanna Chamber’s book is Jeanne Miro! Jeanne, please email me and let me know what format you’d like the book in by this Sunday please! (The 13th.) Just use the contact form at the top.

And my last question – do you care if recipes match up? Like if I share more than one should they be able to go together and make a meal? Also, how good are we all with cooking/recipes and precise measurements?

Sad Day = Giveaway. And Winners!

I’ve been reading Harlequin Presents, as you well know, but this week I’ve been reading a lot of them. Like, one a day. O_o Some are really good. Some are ok. Anywhere from D to B- grades. (B- is really good for me, just to give you some context.) I know there are books I need to read and review, or re-read to review… I’m just having trouble with that part. Which is why I’m “outsourcing.” 😛 Did I mention that? I’ll have to do a more formal post, but if you’d like to review for me send me a sample review and we’ll talk.

I’ve also got not much else, so – if anyone wants to be in the drawing for a LoveSwept ebook, that hasn’t won one from me yet, leave a comment letting me know so.

And now, the winners from many of the guest posts. They were all chosen courtesy of randomizer.org.

From the guest post the lovely and wonderful Sarah Mayberry shared with us, we have three winners. They are: Brie, Jen B., and Anne Gracie. You all need to send me your addresses please – you can use the handy dandy contact form at the top.

From our “official guest author of the month” Vivian Arend, Mary Kirland – you’ve won the print copy of Turn It On! For the ebooks, the winners are Bakin_Goddess, elaing8, and Cathy P. Please let me know your ebook choice from Ms. Arend’s backlist, as well as the format you want.

All of the winners, please send me your information by next Tuesday, November 15 to claim your prize. Thanks!

Football and Winner(s)

Well, my team won today. Which, you know, makes them winners. They’re still the Sadeyes because, well it’s been a tough year, but I’m really proud of how they’re pulling through. I’m currently watching Alabama playing LSU, and I have to say I’m rooting for an upset. I can’t help it – I always do, unless my team is ranked higher. Do you generally go for the underdog? Am I just a freak? :X

Today has been nutters, so I used randomizer.org to pick a winner for Shiloh Walker and Mary G’s post. Stay tuned, because we hope to do something similar for If You See Her! (Yay Hope and Remy! *bounce bounce*) Anyway, the winner is aeternum_a – you have until Tuesday to email me to claim your prize. Shiloh did tell me she’s swamped though, so it might take a while for her to get back to you.

Next week of course we’ve got Teaser Tuesday, but no other currently scheduled guests, so I’m thinking a review, maybe, and recipes? I’ve been all about roasted vegetables. And frozen drinks. They’re not related, thankfully. For all that we all have a seriously developed sweet tooth in my family, we rarely have desserts.

Do you guys make desserts from scratch? Have a favorite? I also really want to try my hand at making cake balls again, but they’re too sweet for me, once coated with chocolate. Gah.

So how’s everyone’s weekend going?

Last Call and a Winner!

“I hope you find something that just changes the entire notion of what it means to be human.”

-That’s actually a quote from Bones (the tv show) – Angela says it to Temperance before she goes to Indonesia. But I think it’s kinda great, and really fitting. Remember when I talked about the need at Pine Ridge Reservation? Also since it was National Make a Difference Day not so long ago.

So a quick update – a number of you said that you’d donate, or have been donating, which is incredibly heartwarming and amazing and generous. Thank you!!!

As for my little post… I know for sure we raised at least $675 for the organizations that help. (Some people didn’t leave or let me know numbers, which is of course, totally fine.) I’ve also got more Box Tops to send in – thing I’ll do that at the end of the year to mail a large pack of them.

Clothes, books, baby items – diapers, etc, are all needed and you can check the various pages listed for things needed.

This mini-drive ends on Thursday. So, hopefully we can get a little bit more by November 3rd. 🙂

And now… remember when Paula Roe shared an excerpt with us? :X Sorry I’m a bit tardy with this. The winner is Diane Sallans! Please email Paula ([email protected]) to claim your prize! Enjoy!

And of course, just a little update, Vivian Arend is guesting today, on Thursday we’ve got Sarah Mayberry *squee* and on Saturday, debut author Joanna Chambers!


Remember when I gave y’all dangerous free reign to ask me anything? I’m actually a bit surprised, and grateful at the same time. 😉 Nobody asked me anything scandalous or embarrassing. Whew!

Well, this time I used randomizer.org*, and the winners of that giveaway are Liz and JoAnne! Liz – please send me your email, and we’ll work out an ebook for you to get. JoAnne, you are to email me your address please so your prize is sent out to you. Isn’t that fortuitous? It worked out perfectly for two winners and two formats! You can use the form at the top of the blog, and please do get back to me by Thursday, October 27 at the latest. Thanks!

Now – curiosity again re: the ARCs etc – what genre do you like? And… who would be able to commit to writing a review? I don’t think I’ll do a mass effort – at least not at this point – but I could very well likely hook up at least a few people with various books…

*With the randomizer.org thing … everyone who commented on that post left something of substance or was interactive, so I was more than happy to leave it to the internet gods of random. However, I definitely reserve the right to only consider/draw names from people who leave “real” comments now and in the future. Just an FYI – I’ve mentioned/imposed it as of a week or two ago. 🙂 [Not that most of you who are reading this will even have to “worry” about that. Just… venting my spleen a bit I suppose.]

Eli’s Book Depository Winner

Hi everyone! So the winner of the $10 GC to Book Depository from Eli’s Guest Post is Chelsea B. Please send me your info by Tuesday, October 25 to claim your prize. (There’s the contact form at the top.) Eli told me that she read each and every comment – she just wasn’t able to leave one of her own/respond to them. (More technological issues abound!)

Remember, if you tell me about category romances, you still have a chance to win a signed Olivia Gates back list book. I’m going for substance now, so wow me and you’ll win. Or you know, not even just wow me, just say something of substance.

I’m also asking all of you to open your hearts a little and considering doing your part to help out with a really sad situation. Gently used toys, books, clothing, box tops/labels from every household goods and foods, money, whatever. And if that’s not enough incentive, Sarah M. Anderson is also going to give away a book to someone. She’s a Harlequin Desire author. 😀 See? I really want you guys to try some categories! 😉

So that’s what’s going on! What about all of you? Anything planned for the weekend?

Destiny! The Carly Phillips Winners!

Courtesy of judicious selection, and then a plug into randomizer.org… the winners are Jennifer Wilson and Tricia! What on earth am I talking about? Well remember when Carly Phillips shared an exclusive excerpt of Serendipity? And then later contacted me that she had received ARCs of Destiny and would like to have a giveaway? Well the response was so great Ms. Phillips offered two signed ARCs! Whee! Thanks so much for your generosity, Ms. Carly! *ETA: Winners, please email me your addresses by Thursday to claim your prize!

Now if you didn’t win today, as usual there are any number of upcoming giveaways, but there’s one that started this very day – my special reader guest of the month, Eli, is generously offering a $10 gift card to book depository, so if you win and wanted to, you could pre-order Destiny!

Lastly, a question to all of you faithful who read my blog. Or at least allow me to believe you do ;). I know there’s the calendar here, but it only has the most basic/earliest blog features. Which would be the monthly “Guest Author & A Giveaway” as well as my “Reader Guest Posts.” Would you be interested in me posting a monthly thing of other random guests or giveaways I might be hosting on my blog? Generally I schedule pretty far in advance, but if something happens last minute I’d just edit the post to reflect changes. Say whatever Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday is closest to the first of the month?

Yea? Nay?

And how is everyone doing this fine weekend? My Buckeyes were able to pull it together and not be such Sadeyes, getting the win over Illinois. Thankfully. So today wasn’t that bad. I also made cake balls. Which were under appreciated. >:( So that made me grumpy. As usual, a mix in “Lime world.”

Megan Hart and Olivia Gates? Winner(s)? Giveaways?

Well, anyway, yes, both Megan Hart and Olivia Gates have and are doing giveaways at my blog. And um, they both write for Harlequin?

So remember Megan’s guest post and silly interview from Tuesday? Her winner is June M.! June, please email me by Thursday October 13 (using the contact form above) with your address so we can get you your prize!

Now? A massive giveaway from the fabulous Olivia Gates! I have thirteen of her books to give away! Originally it was the winner’s choice of her back list. That might still be the case, but I don’t want to presume. Olivia will clarify – she’s totally swamped right now – her computer died and she lost everything on it, poor thing. There are thirteen books up to grab, because thirteen of these people didn’t claim their prizes. Olivia being the amazingly kind and generous person she is said she still wants to give them away, so all of you have the chance to benefit!

So – thirteen winners is a big deal, yeah? Consequently I have to ask something good. How about… in all seriousness – do you read category romances? Why or why not? And if yes, which line(s) do you like most and who are your favorite authors? If no… what romance tropes are your favorites?

Heh. I was tempted to make you all tell me how smart and pretty I am. 😛 But you know… liars go to hell and all, so … :X can’t have that on my conscience.

Anyway, ready, set, GO! (Oh, and if anything changes – or if I have anything to clarify with Olivia’s giveaway I’ll write it in the comments.)

*ETA: It’ll depend on responses etc, number, content, all that good stuff. I can give away 13 of Olivia Gates’s books now… or hold on to them. Or make this contest go on longer. We’ll see. That’s the lovely thing about having my own blog. I can’t win anything… but I do at least get to set the rules. 🙂