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Someone Wanna Volunteer to Pick Winners? ;D

Seriously though – that would be awesome. For winners to be picked, and the post to just magically appear. On time! Although the winner’s post is never at a set time…

Y’all know the drill. I think. Winners contact me here with the relevant prize info. Your address if needed, and what you won. If an ebook and you get the choice of format, that too. So… the relevant info. That makes it a lot easier for everyone, and more importantly, makes it so that you get your prize more quickly!

As usual… I try to post weekly, but it doesn’t always happen. I also announce if/when I know I won’t be able to. Still, I imagine subscribing, or making a note for yourself is the most effective way to guarantee you don’t miss a prize, because I will not email you. I just can’t handle it. Thanks for understanding!

All winners, you have until 11:59 PM EDT on Saturday, June 16 to claim your prize.

First up – Cynthia Eden was here and Heather McKenna wins an awesome prize!

Melissa Schroeder was here and offered prizes! R.E. Butler you get to choose print or e – so please be sure to include that.

Next, Jessica Jarman was here. She has two winners! Renee Brown and mary f! Can’t wait to hear from you.

Then, first in the Guest Author & A Giveaway bunch for special June birthday month?! Day Leclaire answered some questions for us. ;D And her winner is smartmouthtexan.

Stay turned for other winner announcements – and of course there are still giveaways open right now. Whee!

For everyone else – what’s new? How has your weekend been? And plans? Anything exciting to share – or something you’d like to vent about? I wanna hear it!