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Mish Mash! Stuff I Figured …

That you might want to know.

First of all, me! That’s right – I’m elsewhere on the web today! Guest blogging/interviewed-ish by author Mandy M. Roth at her blog! I think it’s interesting (hah well obviously, right?!), and for those of you who don’t know me as well it might give you a better idea of who I am. (I’m realizing I haven’t really done a lot of “about me” or “editorial” type posts here.)

Secondly… Swagbucks. Yeah, yeah, them again. 😛

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And lastly… I was going to talk about Trayvon Martin. I feel like a number of the issues facing women are important to mention, but thankfully a lot of other people are talking about them as well. The latter I think we all know about right? The crazy legislators that have absolutely lost their pea-brain minds? It has nothing to do with politics. What I’m talking about? It’s not a party/ideology thing – it’s a) being a woman, and b) being a human being. So if or when the chance comes – vote.  If you want to do more – write your representative or senator. Call. Email. Go to town hall meetings. Protest – there’s an organized protest where women are marching on state capitols.

I’m also glad Trayvon Martin’s story is finally being publicized more. I heard about it a few weeks ago – a week after it happened, actually, and… I was sickened. If you haven’t heard about it – you can read about what happened here. The United States Department of Justice is looking into it now too. And a Grand Jury was formed – I started with the most recent article. And that’s a good thing.