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What’s In a Name (or with, in my case!) + Winners

First of all… if you follow me on twitter you know I’ve been a crazy ass Ranty McRanterpants. (Yes it’s been so bad that the capitalization is needed. It’s a proper bloody name in my case.) Part of it is… well a shit ton of stuff. And some of it, is the name. Or lack thereof.

We all know I go by “Limecello” or “Lime.” That’s how it is, and that’s how it will be. Perhaps in some unforeseeable future that’ll change. But… well, I’ve carried on this way for almost six years (if not longer) and… I don’t see why I wouldn’t continue to do so.

Recently, however, I have noticed there are a veritable spate – yes a spate – of people who refuse to address me as such! They’ll sign their names to every email, message, what have you. And I’ll sign mine. And address said person with his/her name. And yet they won’t return the courtesy. It’s just “Hi.”

Now, I wouldn’t be so unreasonable as to expect every correspondence to be formal. If a person stops signing their emails, well it’s perfectly natural for them to not use an “address”/name for me. But these persons don’t do that.

They don’t ask my name… and I’m bratty and bitchy and fed up enough that I haven’t asked “why not” or “what’s the deal?” either. I do, however, determinedly continue to sign each message “Limecello” in the hopes that said persons will pick up the hint. (Incidentally, none have.)

So my friends, I’ll give it up to you to help me sort out this conundrum. What should I do?

And for more fun – and what interests me more – give me reasons. Why will these individuals not call me Limecello? Or ask for an alternative name? Some people call me Limecello. Some call me Lime. Jennifer Haymore calls me “Limey.” Angela James refuses to call me Limecello, so she calls me “LC.” (Remember, I’ve wondered why she won’t just go with “Elle”…)

You’re free to come up with a new special – yet fitting – name for me. Give advice, or a reason why so many people now wish to contact me, yet refuse to call me Limecello. Or Elle. (It’s not as if I make it a state secret…)

And that’s my question and my contest. The person who comes up with the best answer gets a prize. To be determined, but I hope it’ll be something good.

Now for the winners. Courtesy of randomizer.org as usual…

The lucky winner of Abigail Barnette’s fabulous post is vanillaorchids69. (Incidentally, if you haven’t read this post yet, you really must.)

Remember when Michelle Beattie came to visit with us and talk about games? She very kindly offered up two prizes! So her winners are myrandaroyann and Mary Kirkland.

And last but not least – the fantastic excerpt that Megan Hart shared from Pleasure and Purpose. The winner is willaful!

Winners! You have until Thursday, February 2 to contact me with your information. It is your responsibility to send me your email or mailing address, depending on what the prize is. Which should be easy, because I’d like for you to include your prize in the email please. (That makes it easier for everyone, and guarantees you’ll get the prize you’re supposed to.)

If you didn’t win this time… well no worries. There are always plenty of other giveaways going on. In fact there are a few still open on this very blog! If you would like more certainty… well I can’t tell you anything but that you might try making a few sacrifices to the randomizer.org gods. 😉 Or the developers. Whichever you think will work best for you.