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Winners & A Flash Giveaway

Okay – so let’s start from the beginning. Winners, you have until February 14 – yes, Valentine’s Day! – to contact me at [email protected] to claim your prize(s). Unless otherwise specified.

So here we go again – time to see if your prayers and offerings to the randomizer.org gods have worked! (If not, perhaps you should stop that and start trying to bribe me. Let’s see if I can be bought. Could be fun!)

I was just… well, me. (I was going to say crazy, or stupid, foolish, or sleep deprived… but you know, all/none of the above?) And messed up a winner (Mary actually said she doesn’t read ebooks…)- so re-drawing one… Jen B. you get a prize from Michelle Beattie.

Next up, the lucky winners of Jennifer Haymore’s post! I’m super jealous of you guys! The winner of Confessions of an Improper Bride is Shannon-Nicole and the winners of Secrets of an Accidental Duchess are Mary Kirkland and librarypat! Ladies please send me your addresses!

Remember when Mia Marlowe came to guest and y’all went gaga over dudes in kilts and all? 😉 Well her winners are Diane Sallans and Maria D. – again remember to send me your address please so the book can go out to you!

I really enjoyed Ruthie Knox’s post about what she’s done on a bike. This also reminds me I need to go and comment. :X You should too, if you haven’t! Her winner was lucky number one – in terms of comments for that post, so JoAnne Weiss -as only your email address is needed, I’ve passed that on. 🙂

And last but not least for our winners…  Dee Tenorio shared crazy stuff she’s done. Kinda makes me glad we live so far apart. 😉 She went through and the craziest of the crazies? (kidding!) Dee’s Winner: Liz.

Hunh – it seems lately that she who comments first… wins. O_o it’s 4:10 AM, okay? So I can’t handle being clever. The whole early bird takes the worm is a) gross, I hate worms, and I’d say 4 AM is g-d early but I’m not getting any of the good metaphorical worms so WTF, sayings people?!

On that belligerent note, let’s have a flash giveaway! (Also I’m vaguely ashamed of myself. I knew “belligerent” is a derivative of the Latin word for war, but “bellum” slipped my mind until I looked it up. Because it was bothering me. Because I’m not getting enough sleep, okay?!)

Erm – so the flash giveaway. This ends in 24 hours. (Roughly. Maybe something like 20, so we’ll all just have to deal.) IDEALLY someone will win a signed copy of one of Michelle Willingham’s back list books.

How do you enter? Tell me something awesome in the comments. Something funny. Something of note. Something to amuse me. Just make it awesome. I’ll post a winner in the comments in somewhere between 20 and 24 hours… or like midnight Friday. Whatever. (We covered the me not thinking, yes?) And said person will have one day to get back to me. Or forever hold his/her peace!

Let me know if there are questions. I kinda expect there will be some. I perhaps even hope so, because I’m going to be worried for all of us if this made sense. :X